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Dynamics AX 2012 Live Deployment Scenario

After over than 9 months of absence, here I am back to my lovely blog and lovely community.

I will start the new journey with my last deployment for our Dynamics AX 2012 environment. It has been really an interesting architecture the one we built on our servers based on the requirements we have.

Our requirement was to have a stable, available and reliable Dynamics AX 2012 environment for our 7 companies that are distributed all over Saudi.Those seven companies are working in different types of businesses like contracting, investment, manufacturing, contracting, services/maintenance, and trade. Thus, determining the number of transactions was not easy. The main point in here is that our users needed to have different modules, processes, workflows, and reports. Moreover, some of them might contradict in their requirements which makes the customization not easy as well.

I also would like to mention that we will be having customers entering our Enterprise Portal through the internet to access their bills which have been migrated automatically from Saudi banking payments system: SADAD. Internal employees will be using the EP of course as their employee slef-services portal. That EP will be integrated with the internal portals and document management solutions in the future.

Number of users is around 336 users:

 As you might expect, to allow the availability of such number of users and requirements we have to have a big architecture that serves every single detail of the requirement.

 Here are some notes about the architecture:

Server Quantity Notes
Application Servers: Dynamics AX 2012 AOS 5 Load balanced AOS Virtual Servers
Batch Server: Dynamics AX 2012 AOS 1
Database Server: SQL Server 2008 R2 2 Failover Cluster
Reporting Server for SSRS, SSAS and Management Reporter 1 Might be two as load balanced in the future
Web farm: SharePoint Server and Help Server 2
Terminal Servers 2 Load balanced to allow accessing of all users through the Terminal Services of Windows 2008 R2
File Server 1  As a document repository on a SAN storage

If you are interested to know about the configuration of those servers, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to answer your inquiries. :)

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