Payroll Add-On

Microsoft Dynamics AX Payroll Add-on

Payroll add-on is a new vertical that was built inside and on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 for the various Payroll processes like employees’ wages and grading details, employees’ payments, leaves management, workflows, end of services, periodical transactions… and others.

Although Dynamics AX Payroll Add-On works perfectly as per labors regulations in Saudi Arabia, but its parameterized system allows employees policies and payroll processes rules in different companies to be adapted easily with the no customizations needed in most of the cases.

This add-on has been designed from the very beginning with two key aspects in minds: Ease of Use and Flexibility. It will definitely add value to all kinds of businesses with any size of employees from one to thousands employees. With this great flexibility, we managed to allow the Payroll administrators to perform all their daily transactions with the minimum number of mouse clicks and taking into consideration to add new or change current setups to adapt to the new business needs.

Dynamics AX Payroll Main Functionalities


Pay groups allows you to divide your employees into groups and hence generate payments to those groups separately as if you have multiple payroll versions in one software. With Pay Groups, you are able to pay some of your employees in monthly basis and others in weekly, daily, quarterly, or any in any period basis.

A Pay Cycle is generated each time you pay for Pay Group. You also could pay only part of the deserved payments in a Pay Cycle by generating a Pay Sub-Cycle for that specific type of Payment(s).



Setup parameters are controlling every process and eligibility in the system.
Leaves balances, End of Service compensations, Pay transactions and other payments are calculated as per configurable equations in Calculation Methods setup. Other eligibilities can be calculated based on Salary Grade for the employees.
Integration with finance module is also controlled through a very flexible Posting Profile and configurable Journal Names for Payments and Accruals.



Allowances and deductions are eligible for employees regularly in each Pay Cycle. Pay Transactions are payments that are specifically given to some employees in one Pay Cycle such as overtime, bonuses, and violation punishments.
All of those eligibilities are configurable so that you could have unlimited number of types and ways of calculations for each of those types.



The system gives the ability to define unlimited types of Leaves such as annual leaves, sick leaves, and pregnancy leaves and specifying their allowed maximum number of days, balanced or not, calculation method per day level.. etc.
The great flexibility is also shown in the ability of controlling End of Services compensations by specifying different calculation methods and percentages with each working period range and type such as termination, resignation, clearance and end of contract.
Leaves and End of Service are accrued periodically, and again based on configurable parameters.



Inquiries and reports for every process stage are given a high priority in this add-on. You could always inquire information about transactions filtered and/or sorted by many parameters.
Business trips, leaves, loans, and other transactions are controlled through configurable workflow system that allows approval processes to be run before actions are taken.
Easy to use step by step wizards for the important Payroll processes like Employee creation, system setup, payment generation.. etc.



The add-on is built in a state-of-the-art technical design that follows Microsoft Dynamics AX best practices and design patterns. It is easy to be maintained, customized and upgraded.

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