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I had the opportunity to review the new Dynamics AX books that were published by PACKT publishing. Currently I’m reviewing them and I will update you once I finish. Till that time, I’m putting here the second chapter of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook.

Enjoy :) !


Two Dynamics AX 2009 Development Books

Two new books have been published in the last period. Those books are talking about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 development.  Both are published by PACKT Publishing.

The first book: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook (available in PDF)


This book talks about development in Dynamics AX in an exciting way that is discussing 60 of the common scenarios in Dynamics AX development that developers usually face. From the index of contents of this book I feel that it assumes that the reader knows a bit about how to deal with MorphX. I recommend this book for junior level technical consultants that they need to step forward after spending some time on MohrphX.

Here is a short description of what this book cover:

  • Explore data manipulation concepts in Dynamics AX – build data queries and modify the existing data
  • Build scripts to assist data migration processes
  • Organize data in Dynamics AX forms
  • Enhance your application by using advanced form controls
  • Create custom lookups using AOT forms and dynamically generate them from the X++ code
  • Create and post Dynamics AX journals from code
  • Create and manage purchase and sales orders from code
  • Create a custom electronic payment format and process a vendor payment using it
  • Integrate your application with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Create various MS Office documents that can be used for exporting/importing business data for further distribution or analysis


The second book is: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009: Getting Started (available in PDF)

If you are new to Dynamics AX then you will like this book. I liked the way this book is structured. It encapsulates the complications that you might face in other materials and focuses on the things that you always are in need to. It starts with the very elementary basics of Dynamics AX development and goes forward up to integrating with other modules of Dynamics AX and external systems. I recommend this book for new AXers.

Here is a short description of what this book cover:

  • Get to grips with the AX Development environment
  • Understand the basics of the  X++ language
  • Reduce the time spent on coding by storing and relating data
  • Create Reporting Services reports in Visual Studio using the new Reporting Service extensions
  • Optimize data retrieval to ensure each transfer contains only the data necessary for the further operations
  • Manipulate data in X++
  • Effectively handle transaction scope by using different operators
  • Develop a .Net class in Visual Studio and then use it in AX
  • Build rich web portals with Enterprise Portal and ASP.NET
  • Optimize application performance and extensibility
  • Create services and expose them to external applications+
  • Build a new module in AX

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