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A study was done by Job Graphs ( for Microsoft Dynamics AX as a global software product. I leave you with the graphs.

Dynamics AX – Modules demand trend

Modules demand trend

Salary Comparison

Salary Comparison

Dynamics AX – Role Wise Comparison

Role Wise Comparison

Dynamics AX – Experience based demand trend

Experience based demand trend

Dynamics AX World Wide Demand

Dynamics AX World Wide Demand


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    Adel"I recommend Amer Atiyah as i worked with him in many simple and complicated tasks and i realized that he is very intelligent in the way of thinking to solve tasks problems. He has a very good experience and knowledge of his job. He is very hard worker, committed, organized and creative and very open mind in his work and that is the reason if his brilliant in his specialized field. He is always showing a high degree of professionalism and ability to deliver and accomplish very complicated tasks at any condition with high quality. I am recommending him to work in any team and i know he will fit with all challenges. Purely, he is a professional guy. I wish to him more and more success in his career and his life."

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